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One Salt Sea (October Daye, Book 5)

One Salt Sea - Seanan McGuire

I was surprisingly impressed with this novel of the series. As usual, some questions get answered and more get asked, but I feel like Seanan McGuire is getting better with every book.


At first, I thought that it was kind of ridiculous that Toby was basically charged with stopping a war before it happens. Yes, she had help, but the fate of two kingdoms being placed on her shoulders was a little far-fetched. But it made sense that she would try and find the two missing children of the Undersea kingdom, since she's a fae PI after all.


Toby is still running around from knowe to apartment to another knowe and back with a side-trip to the Luidaeg's, but now almost all the trips seem necessary. And it seems like her detective skills are improving (or at least the author is writing her character as more competent than before). Mostly I was impressed with the ending. I wasn't a fan of Connor's, I thought he was boring and didn't have much of a backbone, nor did he and Toby have much chemistry. But I was glad that Toby had someone and was somewhat happy in life. So I wasn't expecting the author to kill off his character. And I certainly wasn't expecting to get choked up about it, but then that might also have to do with the choice her daughter made. Because yes, we finally got to meet Toby's ex-fiance Cliff and her daughter Gillian, who manages to get dragged into the mess by the insane Raysel Torquill. I assumed that Seanan McGuire was setting it up to bring Toby's daughter into her world, so I was slightly disappointed that she chose to stay human, but I was impressed that the author took it into that direction and sort of wrapped up that plot thread. I'm still disappointed with the way Toby dealt with her daughter when she came back from being a fish, but I can accept that it's over and she's moving on.


Now I'm really looking forward to the next installment, even though I'm sure that the only motivation of the bad guys will continue to be that they are going mad (which is a cop out, but oh well).