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Dune - Frank Herbert

I gave it 4 stars because I recognize it for the great work that it is, but in terms of how much I liked it...? I really wanted to like it and read on in the series but I just felt a disconnect. Maybe it's because the book involves a lot of words, thoughts, religious practices/sayings/ideas, settings, etc. that I've associated with my childhood growing up in the Middle East. So I felt like the details were taken from something that does exist and twisted to fit (seemingly falsely) into a new narrative.


Basically, I felt like the author just wanted to focus on a setting not often seen in fiction and because it's one I'm semi-familiar with (at least the Earth version) I had a hard time willfully suspending my disbelief to go along with the story. However, I recognize that it's about so much more than just the surface story, so maybe one day I'll come back and read it again and see that it's as brilliant as the majority of people say it is.